Welcome November;  a new month.  It feels good to be at my machine again!

I decided I wanted to start the month off right and begin working right away (I had to dust off some serious “bunnies” from my machine first).  For me the hardest part is often just getting started.  That is true for many things in life- yes?

Thankfully, once I get started, I’m kind of hooked until it’s done.  I have the hardest part behind me.-whew!!    Those inner most circles are tricky because of all that  maneuvering of  the quilt through the machine.  This is where I need to go really slow and concentrate lots!!!  No kiddos allowed!! :-))   After that though, it’s all pretty smooth sailing!!   So I have a full weekend of quilting ahead of me, including a family gathering to celebrate our dear Miss K’s 8th birthday…… *deep sigh*  my first “baby”.  Oh how time flies……

I may have to sneak away here and there to quilt some more circles.  You many notice that I have created some smaller inner circles on this quilt.  I have added my super easy method for doing this, into my Concentric Circle Quilting Tutorial which you can see  right here!