Boo!!  It’s Halloween and I have decided to enter my unintentionally, sort of,  Halloween color themed quilt into Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  Nothing like waiting till the last minute!!   As most of you know there is quite an impressive collection of quilts over there to enjoy and be inspired by!

I had hoped to finish a new quilt for this Fall’s Festival, but the next best thing was to enter one of my favorites in my little collection.  This is my Any Road Quilt that I finished over the summer.

I created this quilt using some leftover HST I had made for some other project.  My intention was just to put something together to use for my Concentric Circle Quilting Lines tutorial.

As I worked on it more and more I realized how much fun I was having with the random placement of the HSTs.  It had a very “improvy” feel about it to me.

Since it was being made as a sample I didn’t want it too big.  When I had a nice focal point block of HSTs, I decided it was time for sashing.

Of course I used my “go to” color, white, for that.  I thought it would be fun and interesting to off set the block; much like I did with my Little Lotta Quilt.

Here it is pictured indoors- much different light- but with the bottom up…… or is it with the top down?  Hmmm, that is up to the viewer I suppose! Either way works for me.

I had such a great time making this quilt!  When I get back to work on quilts again(hopefully soon—lots of “Mamma/life work” occupying much of my time these days), another version of this is high on my list!

Thanks for coming to visit my little quilting world here!  Best good wishes to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy!  Happy Halloween!