So, I finally finished my  Just a Little Light Quilt!!

This is one I started a ways back.  I really enjoyed working with these Lotta Jansdotter Bella prints. The fabric is so delicously soft and the pattern is just lovely.  I used Kona Ash for the negative space/background color; I know it’s not a huge change from my mostly typical white background, but it’s a start!

After so many hours of tedious pebble quilting though, I  simply couldn’t look at it for anymore in order to get the binding on.  So it sat while I gathered my inspiration to finish it.

Finally I got around to it this weekend.  I’m so happy to have it done.  I can happily scratch pebble quilting off my list of must try quilting techniques. After doing it on such a big open space, I’m happy with the results but  in hindsight,– my takeaway on pebble quilting- —only in small doses!!!  It seemed to make sense at the time as I loved the pebble like quality of the circles in the Bella prints.  I loved the idea of echoing that in the quilting.

I really enjoyed peiceing together my leftovers for the back, as you can, uh ahhemm,  see.  Yes, I must admit,  I had a hard time knowing when to say when here!!

This little guy finished up at about 45×45 and is destined to be a baby quilt somewhere, someday!!