First I want to apologize for my last post confusion.  I thought I had turned off the email notification to my subscribers so you would not be notified of a post which required a password and thus created some confusion. It was meant for a certain person and not intended to be seen on my home page.    Sorry about that- lesson learned!!

So this week, I’m back at work but not on any quilting projects.  I am spending a bit of time on some more panel skirts.  They have become popular at our school and I have been asked to make some for the auction we’re having at an upcoming fundraising event. The event is a “folksy” themed one complete with line dances and a caller,  bluegrass music and bobbing for apples.  It seemed appropriate to make these sweet little vintage looking skirts in honor of the theme.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made these so I had to not only dust off my serger but also have a quick look back on my own Panel Skirt Tutorial to remind myself of a few key steps.  Luckily it all came back to me pretty quickly.  I’m using mostly pieces of 1930’s reproduction fabrics for these but I may throw in a bit of Denyse’s FMF too on a couple of them, that seems right in line with the feel of these skirts.

These are always so fun to make.  Here is the first one, ready for a good wash and dry to give it that lived in- vintage look and feel.

I’m linking ups with Frontier Dreams- Keep Calm and Craft On today.  There are so many sweet crafty things to see there.