Oh hi there!  In case you’ve wondered,  I just needed a short blogging/sewing break to get my little “blooming poppies” off to their first days of school and I,  had some adjustments to make as well.  Sending my youngest off to a four day a week  school schedule definitely marked the end of a profound phase in my life and theirs. It feels a bit odd now, suddenly having all(relative term) this time without children in my midst.  I took a few days to ponder my new freedom and, I must admit,  shed a few tears.    As I make my way through figuring out my new rhythm, I decided a good run, and a good quilting session would help me get some clarity.

Well, the running was good, the quilting had it’s moments, but overall, was kind of a drag!!  This pebble quilting thing, which I started a ways back,  is just WAY too time consuming for my liking!  I must admit, there are moments with it, where I feel like I  hit my stride and I am in a good “groove” but mostly it is just tedious, hard  and a literal pain in the neck…… hmmm, kind of like running sometimes!! The pay off always seems worth it in both cases for me…..

Anyway, I realize that maybe this type of quilting is best left for smaller, fill-in spaces on a quilt and I chose to fill in a huge mass of negative space here, which has made it a much longer and more intensive process.

On the bright side however, I’m almost finished and I’ve improved greatly on a quilting skill that was brand new to me!!!  I’m happy to say I’ll be moving on from this quilt soon,  as I have several projects lined up waiting for some attention.