Not a lot of quilting is getting done around here lately, as the we have been enjoying our last weeks of summer and preparing for our new rhythm when school begins.  Although the quilting has been put on hold, that hasn’t kept me from my sewing room.  There are a few things that the girls’ teachers needed, and of course, I gladly volunteered!

My napkin sewing is coming along slowly, I have four done out of the twenty needed.  The children in my youngest daughter’s pre-school class will use them during snack time- so sweet!

I’m also in the process of making thirteen colored pencil rolls.  Six down, seven to go!

 I was given a sample recently by the teacher, and asked to make them for my oldest daughter’s class.  I take no credit for this simple idea of making a sturdy and quick pencil holder.

I suspect this idea has been floating around for a while and although it’s extremely straight forward, I decided to put together a little tutorial on it here.

One last thing I thought I’d share, is this fun activity I found through Pinterest.  My youngest, Miss N, was delighted by this simple pie tin filled with baking soda.  The only other materials needed is food color and vinegar.  This ended up being fun for all of us!!

Hope you’re enjoying a great week so far.