Last week I posted about my ponderings over what to do for Miss A’s bed quilt I’m wanting to get started on.  For her sister’s, I made all granny square blocks…..

and ended up with boxes full of leftover 2.5 inch squares in all these lovely colors.   I really wanted to stay with some kind of theme for the eventual trio of mamma made quilts for the girls.

So I set out to find a way to incorporate them.  Then I found this photo on Flickr and fell in love!  What a sweet, a cheerful combination of color and design.  I figured it was straight forward enough for even me! I had to cut more squares to make the right sized HST for the design, but after that, I was on my way.  Don’t Call Me Betsy has a great tutorial on this block- she calls it the Patchwork Wheel Block!

I’m not normally drawn to repeating blocks, at least not if I have to make them! But I just love the mixture of really modern designer fabric with the sweet little 1930’s reproduction prints.

Indeed, I have a weakness for really sweet, really cute, traditional with a modern twist, blocks…… and for my little girls, I’ll endure the frustration of trying to create large amounts of them.  What I like about these is that I can work on it in little bits and pieces,  I get a chance to practice some basic skills, and Miss A can help me design them!  It’s a win, win in my book!!

I’m linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday.  It seems folks are really creative and busy this week– lots to see over there!!