***Thanks to those who commented on my last post.  I just didn’t find the time to respond individually this time around.  But your comments are still much appreciated!  ****

Last evening Miss K and I had some quiet time in the yard, and found that our plumeria bush is overflowing with sweet smelling blossoms, along with hundreds more buds just ready to burst open!! Beautiful!

Of course we had to pick some…..

This morning the entire kitchen is alive with the beautiful plumeria fragrance.  I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of them atop  Miss K’s recent handywork.  She put together a little patchwork hot pad and tried out some free motion skills on it. With a bit of binding help from yours truly, we had a finished product.   We love it and use it every night for dinner.  We’ve put an order in for a few more…. somehow the lure of summer is taking over for now though.  So we wait!!

I was also able to make a bit of progress this weekend on my What’s for Breakfast II(unofficial name so far).  I’m enjoying the process but find I like it best in short doses.

Let’s just say, I’m happy for a chance to……. fold some laundry or water the garden,  every now and then.

Hope your weekend was great!!