Almost time to say goodbye to this little quilt for a while!!  Pretty soon, I’ll be sending it off to join 32 other quilts at the International Quilt Market in Houston Texas for the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase this Fall.  What an honor and a happy surprise to have a quilt chosen for this show!

 This quilt, called What’s For Breakfast, which I finished up last summer,  was such a joy to create and  so true to the way I enjoy working most.  You can read more about the creative process involved in this quilt, here and here.

Anyway, as I took it out of careful storage, to begin preparing it for it’s little journey, I realized once again how much I love it, and decided I need to start on a new one- the 2.o version, if you will.  My scrap box of neutrals is overflowing so I figure it’s a good time to start.  And, bottom line,  this kind of piecing just makes me happy!!!  This time around I have a clearer vision going into it and have chosen some accent colors that really sing to me.  I’m super excited to see how this one grows!