A while back, I had this crazy idea, inspired by my pink loving daughter and Valentine’s Day, to sew together all of our pink fabric scraps to make some kind of string quilt.  She helped me gather all the appropriate scraps and glue the middle strip to the paper.   I then sewed them together.

Well, as pink isn’t exactly my favorite color, I finally realized I was having a difficult time embracing this idea of an all pink quilt, even after adding in a bunch of red in hopes of balancing it out a bit.  So the little squares had to be put to sleep for a while.

Now, many months later, my dear Miss K has asked about our “pink project” quilt.  We decided to get it out and now, alas, both of us have decided we are not that in love with so much pink!!  A little too much of a good thing I suppose.   **Deep sigh**

So I set to work figuring out a way to save the little quilt, and decided on a bit of green.  I  made up a few more squares with some green scraps from my bin, cut them in half- along with the pink ones in order to create a bit of negative space-you probably know what color is going in those center squares right?  — here I go again with the white!

Now we’re pondering just the right layout for this small string quilt.

I also had fun playing with my Instagram app on my phone, as my camera is still out of commission.

I’ll see what evolves over the weekend with this little quilt.   I’m hoping I can put together something fun and save all those block Miss K and I worked so hard on.  Now I’m off to figure out how my remote control works so the girls can watch their first ever Olymics Opening Ceremonies!!!! We’re very excited here…… how about you?

Enjoy your weekend!