The girls slept in yesterday morning(oh how I love summer vacation), so I was able to have my coffee and do a little quiet basting.

I finished the whole quilt before anyone got up.  I’m sure that’s a first.

I decided on concentric circles again for this quilt.  Something about it’s square shape, makes me want to put circles on it.  I used my trusty food processor bowl again to mark this beginning circle.

This time I’m varying the widths, different from  this quilt, where I made them all the same.  Just a slightly different look…..

I know these photos are not the best, we have not been seeing sun around here until around 3:00 in the afternoon- June Gloom has arrived!!!  Hope you’re enjoying a creative week!

I’m linking up with Lee (actually Sukie who’s filling in this week) again today.  Her WIP Wednesday’s Linky Party is always full of inspiration!