I love it when creative ideas and a little extra energy come to me- at the same time!!!  That has happened to me in the last week or so and I’ve been trying to take advantage.

I managed to {almost} finish a quilt top last week, until I discovered that I was fresh out of the white I needed.  I still am not sure if it’s Kona white or snow.  It’s so hard when even the white is slightly different depending on the batch?? I have some Kona snow on order but I have a feeling that is not what I’ve been using. Anyway, I’m trying to get as close a match as possible.  Fingers crossed!!!

I also did a little quilting on my Little Lotta Chevron Quilt, in hopes of saving it.  So far I’m kind of really uuhh, NOT loving it.

Even though, I absolutely LOVE the fabric and am happy with the design, I ran into some issues, posted about here, that are making it a bit hard to love.  I really hope that after the quilting is all complete and the Lotta binding goes on I will see it’s over all greatness!!   Hopeful but not holding my breath…….:-)

I decided to cut into some of my newly acquired FMF(along with a few other random pieces),  and start on a new design.

 I think, although we are just entering into summer here, I’ve got my creative brain on Fall already!

Not sure where this color combo came from but I’m going with it!  🙂

Hope your week  has some moments of creative bliss……

I’m linking up with Lee’s Work in Progress Wednesday.  As usual, lots of great progress posts over there to check out!