I first want to say a big thank you to those whose funny and kind comments on my last post, really helped me put things in perspective.  You all “rock”!!!   Now…….. on with this post……

I love making colorful, cheery quilts, it’s something I’d like to do more of.  Generally I would say my color palette is a bit more neutral, but  this Granny Square Quilt was so much fun to create and even more fun to give.

Our oldest, Miss K, knew this quilt was being made just for her from the very beginning.

It was my first ever bed-size quilt and her first home-made bed quilt(finished slightly smaller than a traditional twin size quilt).

She sat at the design wall coming up with more squares for me to sew together.  She helped figure out just the right layout for the squares.

She picked out ALL the colors for the back of the quilt, I likely would not have used quite so much blue…..!

She helped me baste and periodically came in to check on my stippling(chosen quilting method after seeing this quilt), and binding progress.

It was a very satisfying process for me to be able to create this quilt for her.

 I imagine her taking it off to college someday….. **nostalgic sigh!

For now we’ll surely enjoy many nights of bedtime stories and snuggles under it.  Priceless…….

Now my other two daughters are wondering when their bed quilts will be “ready”.

I think they’ll each get one when they are seven(I hope) like Miss K!  That gives me a bit of time at least!

Okay, I promise this is the LAST Granny Square post you’ll see from me for a long time.  Thanks for coming along on my Granny Square journey.

I’m linking up today with Natural Suburbia’s Creative Friday!  There are lots of really sweet, creative things happening over there.

Enjoy your weekend!!