So I recently began my first attempt at sewing a chevron design quilt. Let me tell you, for this self-taught, improv style quilter, this experience has been a reality check!

 I love trying new-to-me techniques and getting out of my quilting comfort zone every now and then.

But when it starts to feel like a giant mess of mismatched seams…. Grrrr!  Let’s just say it’s a great thing that my life does NOT depend on having a matching seam because I fear if it did, I would surely be dead!  I know what many of you are thinking- “huh? this is one of the most basic of piecing techniques-what’s the problem?” Right?  That’s exactly what I was thinking too.

I could blame it on the linen, but I could only get the seams to match about half the time even when I was piecing the cotton.  I know my cutting was precise, my 1/4 inch seam is solid and consistent, my pressing was good(although maybe all seams should have been pressed open?)– so what gives?

Now, just so I don’t lose all my quilting credibility with you,  there are plenty of seams in this quilt top that do line up just right- wheww!

In the end, I like the design enough to continue with the quilt top and complete the piece.  I realize that these little “flaws” can add character to a quilt and they are definitely not worth stressing out over.    I will though, look into alternative methods of sewing a chevron design quilt.  I know there are many out there.  And of course I’ll practice this method some more, do a little trouble shooting, etc. It never hurts to improve ones skills-yes?

Have you run into any new quilting challenges lately?  I welcome them as a chance to learn– even if they do make me just a little bit crazy!!

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced Work in Progress Wednesday.  There are lots of great works to be seen over there!