In my last post, I was seriously  feeling “blah” about creating anything new.  I finally figured, what better time to do the hard yet non-creative work of basting a large quilt!

So I got to work with granny!!  This is a great weekend activity for me as my girls love to be present for this but the hubby is also around to intervene when they get a bit too…… present, shall we say!

Basting is usually when I contemplate my quilting lines, and for this quilt I’m pretty sure I’ll just do a basic stipple.

I could use some practice with my FMQ foot anyway and with all the straight lines in this quilt, I figure it would be a nice girly, soft touch.

This one will be for my oldest daughter, Miss K ‘s bed.  It’s my first twin size quilt so I’m a bit nervous about getting it under my machine.  But more excited to see the finished result!!

Hope you’re enjoying……