I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend!!!

I’m excited to share this new quilt finish with you all.  I have been working on this echino Punch Quilt for quite a few months now.  Happily I finished on a weekend that provided sunny skies and warm temps.  Perfect for some outisde photos!

Those flowy parallel lines took quite a bit of determination and time to finish,

not to mention, a gazillion spools of thread;  much like with this quilt, so I knew what I was in for when I started.

I chose a variegated pink thread color that sort of mimicked the colors in the negative space of the quilt,  and was really happy with the results.

It’s always interesting to me how quilting lines and binding can really transform a design.  I was sort of “so-so” about this quilt during the design and basting process. But when it all came together, I was quite pleasantly surprised!

I loved the Moda Pezzy Print so much that I decided to use it for the backing,(along with a few random leftovers) and the binding.

I think it made for quite a “zippy” little (about 58 x 64 inch) improv quilt!!

 This quilt reinforces to me how much I enjoy improv piecing!  The most difficult part of this type of design is filling in the negative space in between and adding the “tidbits” of color.  For this quilt I chose to use very subtle variations in tones for the negative space.  I used Kona Bone or Snow?  and I think Pearl Pink?   For the blocks I used a variety of mostly darker Kona solids and of course echino bicycles that I picked up at Superbuzzy.

I’m not sure yet where this one will end up, on the back of our couch, on a wall in the living space or bedroom, in my very lonely and empty shop…..hhmmm??   Our oldest daughter Miss K just might want to “adopt” it, she seems quite smitten with it.  Perhaps it’s all the pink and purple!! Colors Mamma doesn’t use too often.

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Have a lovely and creative week!!