While not a lot of sewing has been going on around here lately, I have discovered that Pinterest-better known as, my latest time-sucking obsession, provides me a quick and easy dose of visual inspiration, when I’m feeling creatively deprived!

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Pencil drawing by Sol Lewitt -early 20th century

Indeed, in the post kiddo bedtime hours of the night, I have been enjoying some quiet time spent pondering art and design inspiration.

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Rhythm of a Russian Dance, Theo van Doesburg-1918

It is so interesting to me how many parallels  exist between art and many of the design elements seen in modern quilting.

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Paul Klee 1922

I personally find the most inspiration for my modern quilt designs in the art some of the early twentieth century art .

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Sonia Deluanay 1924

Over the years, Joseph Albers, Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian, just to name a few, have been especially influential.  Do you have specific artists you find have influenced your work? Or does your inspiration come from someplace else altogether?  Nature, architecture, etc.?

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Aeroplane Flying, Kasimir Malavich 1915

I love how Pinterest allows you to collect these visual images, in a place that you can come to any time.  It is easily accessible and allows you to share with others.  Since the above examples just barely scratch the surface of the art I’ve been drawn to lately, I invite you to stop by and see if you can find some inspiration here!

Wishing you all a little healthy dose of inspiration and creativity…..