I got a little quilty time this weekend,

and had lots of fun putting together the first of many granny squares.

These are so fun!

I’ve been wanting to try something new and work on some actual blocks this year. When I saw this quilt, I knew this was the one I had to start with.  I think it’s so cute and yummy AND I get to use up lots of my scraps!!!

I have a little work to do if I want squares to line up just so, but eh, I figure after about 35 of these I’ll be pretty good at that.  My plan is to make these into a twin size bed quilt for my oldest daughter.  She has been having fun putting squares together on the design wall as I work.

I also got to make some small progress(what else am I going to do while watching the Oscars-Yay for The Artist!!) on my Ptarmigan Neckwarmer.  This is my first pattern based knitting project where I need to consult a chart. It’s challenging, but much less intimidating than I thought.    I am almost done and can’t wait to start on another one!!

Have a great week!!