I was so pleasantly overwhelmed last week by all the beautiful, supportive and thoughtful comments on my last post.  I read and appreciated each and every comment.   They helped me solidify my feelings on this topic and reassured me that I’m doing what’s right for me at this time in my family’s life.  I am grateful for the time you took to share your thoughts.  I hope you all understand that I have chosen to thank you here rather than individually in order to stay true to my intention of spending less time blogging. Thank you, Thank you!!!!

I’ve been getting in a little sewing time in very small doses, and managed to put the binding together

for my Echino Punch improv quilt(shown here as a WIP).  The back is still waitng to be finished…. and may be waiting a while at the rate I’m going!!

But the binding was quick and easy. I love this little Pezzy Print pattern so much(had to show a second photo of it), I can’t wait to see it on my quilt. I’m using a lot of it for the back as well.

I’m still stumped on my circle quilt and have decided to put it away for a bit.  I hope to have a lightning bolt of an idea strike one day that will make it all clear…….. but, I’m not holding my breath for that!  🙂

Hoping you have a beautiful weekend!!