I have so very much to learn!!!  Starting with the ability to be less impulsive in my quilting process.  I tend to get an idea in my head and not think it through enough before diving in to my fabric, rotary cutter in hand.

For this quilt, I fear that simply will not work.  I have created more work for myself, since, I think ripping seams out and reworking these strips to be as close as possible in the center, is the only way to remedy this design.  I think it would also make the circle…. more uuuhhh, circular!  What was I thinking?

 I love this design and while I did make a very informal sketch prior to beginning, I didn’t exactly think about the construction of the quilt very much.  I have never worked with triangles before, so this is really new ground for me.

I get that I needed to make the angles sharper and the space in the center as close together as possible, and you can see I started doing that on the outer ones.

Maybe I should have added white to the top of each section and sewn together long triangular strips.  I instead used long rectangles and cut the angles before sewing them to the white in between pieces.  Ugh!!   My circle is only halfway done and my idea was to do two halves of the circle, sew in a small half circle center and then sew the two halves  together Not sure if any of this is making any sense.

I love the way it could look.  For any of you “superquilters” out there, who have any idea what I’m talking about, do you think there is a way to fix it or am I going to have to abandon my original idea and opt for an appliqued circle in the center?   Definitely NOT my first choice of options since I was envisioning a totally pieced look.

I shall be taking my very humbled self “back to the drawing board” to see if I can make some sense of this over the weekend!!! I think I’ll try a smaller version first as a mock-up, probably what I should have done in the first place.  Hoping to have a successful update next week.

Have a great weekend!!