My oldest daughter, Miss K,  was going through my scraps the other day and mysteriously ended up  with a giant pile of  pinks and reds.  She must have Valentine’s Day on the brain!!

I thought it would be fun to put together a little string quilt to utilize these little bits of goodness.  I do have an insanely large amount of pink scraps, it’s time I start making room for more.

The red scraps were a bit harder to find but we managed to muster a few.

I have a few other projects that really need to come first, but this one was so fun and easy to work on, before I knew it I ended up with about half of a baby size quilt.

Maybe one of the two lovely mammas I know who are pregnant right now will have a baby girl.

This won’t be finished by V-Day but I could probably pull it off by their summer due dates!


WIP #2

My other litle purely indulgent project is my Echino Punch Log Cabin Quilt that is coming along very slowly!!

I think I’ve decided to randomly place the blocks in a “sea” of Kona pale flesh and bone, to make for  another  very  “improv-y”mixture of color and piecing.

Not entirely sure about this one, but I’m just going to go for it and see what comes of it.  FYI- Colors are REALLY off in this last  photo, I promise it’s actually prettier in person) :-)!!!

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