I think it’s safe to assume that the package containing this

little goodie has arrived safely to my lovely and oh so hip sister-in-law!!! She requested an iPad case like the one I talked about here, and I know she loves all things Mid-Mod, retro, so I knew this was the one for her.  So here it is, the “retro iPad case”- a bit of an oxymoron don’t you think?

 I got to cut into my new Ruby Star Shining fabric and do a little random straight line quilting on this one.

Although I wanted to do some piecing originally, the fabric was just so right on and perfectly retro, I decided to keep it simple and clean.

I  love how this case turned out, so much so, that it almost didn’t make it to the post office;  I was so smitten with it, I thought for a moment of keeping it for myself.  But how many iPad cases does one girl need??  Hope you like it too Kelli!! xoxo