Let me start with a huge thank you for the kind comments on my last quilt!  Your comments really make me smile and sometimes even chuckle a bit!! 🙂

A couple of years ago I discovered this awesome little online Japanese Fabric Shop called SuperBuzzy!  How delighted was I to learn that their warehouse was in my own backyard of Ventura? Well, VERY!!!  I have since moved a bit further up the road but thankfully still only a 40 minute drive away.

I recently placed another order with them and was so happy to discover that Kelly, the gracious and ever so knowledgable  owner/operator/visionary and expert on all things Japanese, has a new storefront!! Open to the public!!

So not only did I pick up my small bag of Ruby Star Shining

that I bought online, but of course I couldn’t resist doing a bit of browsing.

 I’ve had a few special order requests for bags both big and small lately so I had some specific people in mind while shopping.   It’s always helpful to have a focus!  I fell in love with these retro looking clocks.  The one on top is identical to the one my mom had on her bedside table for all the years I was growing up!!

I’m so happy for Kelly and all the gals there.  The store has only been open a month and they are transforming it into a lovely, modern space primed and ready to foster the modern quilting/sewing community.

They have even just started their own Ventura Chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild!!!!  So any “localish” readers who can’t make it to the Santa Barbara MQG Meetings, you have a new home in Ventura!!

This new storefront shop is very exciting news!  Shelves and shelves full of Japanese fabric that I can leisurely browse through whenever the mood strikes? Am I dreaming? I definitely see more trips down the coast in my future!! In case you’re wondering about these little lovelies in the photos above, here they are in order of appearance:

1. daisy chain by Prints charming- for my very all things modern loving friend, well, and myself!!

2. Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shining line for Kokka- for my very vintage loving friend

3. more Ruby Star Shining

4. more Ruby Star Shining- because those clocks are just too freaking cute!!

5. some random Echino that I have loved for a while and for a friend who recently returned from London

6.some really cute mystery Japanese fabric that I decided to throw in for fun.  I love the vintage look of it.

Thanks for visiting!!