I had another marathon weekend of quilting!!  Do you ever have those quilts/projects that you love so much that you just can’t wait to see its final outcome? that you’ll pull all-nighters for?  forget to eat breakfast……and lunch for?

My newly finished, “No Simple Highway” quilt was one of those for me!

I am really happy with the result!

This was another all solids quilt, thank you Robert Kaufman Color Card for making it so easy to choose colors!!

I enjoyed the process of making my Fact or Fiction Quilt so much that I wanted to create another similar in design but with a completely different palette.

I actually started out browsing Design Seeds for some color inspiration. While I’m sure I was heavily influenced by those amazing color combos(and I got to create this really fun Pinterest board),  my final color choices came  from the Sundance Jewelery Catalog, especially the necklaces. I kind of have a thing for leather and stones and the way they photograph those pieces always inspires me.  Soooo, instead of buying them, I make quilts inspired by them?!?!!!

I really wanted to try this concentric circular quilting. Yes, once again I opted for my old friend, Mr. Walking Foot.   It was a bit tedious trying to pack all these lines in to one weekend, but luckily this piece is only about 45″ square, so it was manageable-barely!

Even though I planned all along to make this as a wall hanging, I couldn’t resist piecing a simple back for it.  I just added a simple sort of “color sampler card” down the middle.

I pieced together a bunch of leftovers to make the binding strip.  Then bound it entirely on my machine.

I am so happy to have a quilt that will finally be for me!   This baby is going on the wall above my bed!  Good thing Mr. Blooming Poppies likes it too.

******************************************************Read on if you don’t mind  seeing some gratuitous photos of my process, with the family.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  🙂

This quilt was quite a family intensive labor of love this last weekend.  Everyone seemed to want a piece of the fun and dad just kept snapping away. I just had to add a few “process” highlights.

Those little feet belong to the excited audience I had when basting began….

Then it was time to measure…. just because!

I also had an audience for quilting.

Took a much needed break to help Miss K design her own quilt out of my scraps,

back to quilting, with a little helper,

and some more quilting,  and well, you get the idea.  Whew….!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!