When I heard about the call for submissions to the Modern Quilt Guild’s 100 Days of Modern Quilting they were going to host, I was excited to even feel confident enough in my work to enter it.  It was very exciting to realize that a quilt that was a huge labor of love for me and hours of work and creative energy, was chosen to be featured along with so many other quilters whose work I have followed and loved for a long time.  What an honor!!  Thank you Modern Quilt Guild and Jacquie Gering for appreciating what went into this quilt and feeling it was worthy of being included. Whew- I feel like I just gave an acceptance speech or something.  Can you tell I’m excited?:-)

If you haven’t checked this event out yet, don’t worry, they’ll be about 88 more days-give or take a few. My What’s for Breakfast quilt, which I finished last summer,  is over there today, so stop on by if you get a minute or two.  Please be kind, I can’t believe I’m following Kati Spencer, whose work I completely adore, and her amazing Pixilated Colorwheel Quilt!!

Oh, and here is a tiny peak at a little something I’m working on now.  I just can’t get enough of that improv stuff!!