The girls and I enjoyed our last weekday of the Winter break by taking a little hike through our local Botanic Garden, which happens to be quite close to our home and an easy quick day trip. Our hikes don’t last long these days with a three year old who is too heavy for mom to put in the pack anymore, but it’s still worth getting out for.

During this last week of the girls’ winter break, I took a bit of a sewing break myself.  We enjoyed time spent making fairy houses,  picking oranges and drawing- A LOT! :-).

I must admit, I couldn’t stay out of my sewing room completely though.  I couldn’t resist trying this tutorial from One Shabby Chick for my new iPad- courtesy of “Mr. BloomingPoppies”

I have been holding on to this Kokka print for a long time now and I was so excited to finally get to use it.

It was a quick project that also allowed me to practice some of my free motion skills, something that is high on my list of quilting challenges this year.

I decided to just jump right in and try some randomly placed free form leaves and flowers.  Yes it’s a bit rough but getting over that initial hesitation of it makes it seem less scary for the next time. AND, it was really FUN!!

  I want to make a few more of these for some friends/family but I may try making the flap a bit wider and adding some topstitching around it.

I love my new cover and Amber’s tutorial was great-so easy to follow! Now my new little reader is safe and sound when not it use!! Now, anyone have any good  kindle friendly book recommendations?