"Stormy Seas" quilt front"Fact or Fiction" quilt frontLog cabin Christmas pillowBirthday Pinwheels QuiltNadia's Quilt"what's for breakfast?" quilt
"time traveler" quiltA's Birthday quilt- "pass the cherries please""stream of consciousness" series-completed!"wish come true" quilt-frontcherry doll frontdoll quilt front
john's quilt- better view

Quilt Finishes of 2011, a set on Flickr.

I had hoped to put this little post together for New Year’s Day but since it turns out that today is my one year anniversary of blogging, I used that as my excuse for putting together this little-and I mean little- ha!!,  collage of work I’ve completed in the last year. Those glaring blank spaces above ~ouch!!!~ are reminders of all the work I didn’t get to this year but also serve as motivation to get more done in the year ahead!!
Just like when a married couple can’t always agree on the actual anniversary of their “couple hood”- was it the day they met, the day one of them proposed, the day they tied the knot? Sometimes someone just has to call it and suddenly it is.
And so it is for me and my little blog. While I had a few sort of practice posts in 2010, my first “real” post was about my hubby’s quilt that I gave him for a late Christmas gift one year ago.  After that my posts were sporadic as I tried to  figure out what I was doing, I’m uhh,  what you would call … a bit tech challenged!!  But in the end, I was able to become consistent in my posts.  I have learned so much this year and have so enjoyed your comments and support.

This collage of work is not much when I compare it to many other bloggers/quilters that I admire, but it’s a start and quite a big accomplishment for me.  So I’m happy to share it with you. I have big plans and high hopes for many more new designs and finishes in the year ahead, so I do hope you’ll join me.

So glad to have you along on my creative journey.  Thank you for visiting my little blooming poppy land!!
Best wishes for a great new year!!!