This is what I was doing on New Year’s Eve 2011……

My little basting meditation.

So close……

This is what I was doing on New Year’s Day 2012!!!!

We decided to take a family nature  walk at our local butterfly preserve to ring in the new year.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any good photos of the masses of  beautiful Monarchs hanging from the eucalyptus trees, but I did manage to get a few good shots of my brand spankin’ new Windowbox Quilt!  As you can see, we had to “brave” the dead of winter to venture out- Ha, January on the Central Coast- gotta love it!

 I’m so excited to start the New Year with a finished quilt!!! Of course I’m starting this new year out with high hopes of having more finishes than last year, which is not really such a giant expectation- ha!!  but….. it’s a start.

 This is a quilt I started many months ago and it had been neglected on my design wall over and over as other projects and life came first.  I decided to try something new and design and sew a strictly block-based quilt.  Something I’ve only done a couple of times and is quite a different way of working for me.

I love these colors and, of course, this monaluna organic bird fabric as well as the polka dots have  been on my “favorite shelf” for a long while.  It was fun to finally put them into a project.

My other favorite fabric, Laurie Wisebrun’s Tufted Tweets-love those cute little birds-, which I’ve been hanging on to for too long, also was happily added to this quilt, along with some  Kona solids  and a few other random prints that I love and are great standby fabrics for just about any project. I decided not to use pure white for the sashing in this one and instead went for the Kona Snow to give it a bit of softness and depth

I  very randomly placed the blocks in rows, which formed some patterns that at first I was inclined to switch around, but then reasoned that in nature, patterns do organically emerge.  My inspiration is predominantely nature oriented so it felt right to leave them as they were and sew it up!!

I was kind of stuck on the quilting lines and entertained all sorts of wild and fun ideas on paper,

but in the end I went with the safe and minimal straight line option.  This year one of my quilting intentions is to get more daring and creative with my quilting lines and more comfortable with my FMQ foot!!  I like these lines though for this quilt and feel like they keep the overall look very clean and modern.

This little lovely turned out to be a perfect baby size quilt- about 42 x 55. I tried to use up scraps of my prints in the binding because I just couldn’t bring myself  to cut into a brand new yard cut of the same Kona Snow that I used for the sashing.

I was also able to piece together some leftovers for the back.    I like the way it all came together and am happy to call it done, so I can move on to my next project.  I’ve got  solids on the brain again……..

I couldn’t resist taking and showing a shot of this beautiful Nasturtium leaf I passed on the shady part of the trail.  With the dew drops left over from the night before that cast this lovely reflection of blue and white, it struck me as so simple yet so stunning at the same time.

Happiest of New Year wishes to all…..