Warning:  If you are a family member of mine, please don’t read this post until after Christmas!!!!

Everyone else, please continue, as you were………

Some last minute gifts have been forming here in bloomingpoppy land.

I finally got around to making some of these wristlets from Elizabeth’s amazingly well-written pattern.  I used the older version, but I think it’s pretty similar to the new one.

They came together really fast! Her directions are clear and include lots of photos……

for those {aahhhem}, more pattern challenged sewers, such as yours truly!  These were a great excuse to use some of my heavier weight Japanese import fabric that I love.

I decided to try it a few different ways.  One with a swivel clasp handle,

one with quilted panels,

one with heavy twill interlining.

Some big, some small(couldn’t get those stubborn wrinkles out of my etsuko furuya fabric), strap, no strap; there are so many variations in this pattern,  and I only tried the first (A) version of it.

 I’ll definitely be making more of these. In my humble opinion, they all turned out pretty darn cute.   I’m hoping to make 2 more for this gift giving season.    I can’t wait to wrap them up and give them away.  I may just have to keep at least one for myself though.

Hope you’re enjoying some creative holiday fun too….