A while back, I asked you to Spot the Mistake.  I think many of you maybe thought the entire quilt was a mistake- Ha, it’s okay, I wondered that too many times.  However, I did finally decide to just finish it up.

There are those quilts you love, and those you could give away never to be missed.  My latest finished quilt which I’ve named “Stormy Seas” falls somewhere in between.

It started many months ago with a…….

conceptual drawing I was playing around with on a very basic  program on my computer (sorry for the really bad iPhone photo).  I loved the drawing and composition itself  but wasn’t sure how it would translate in fabric.  Never know till you try right?

When I started this quilt, I was really drawn to solids and this color combination as you can see here and here.

 I think the quilt would appeal to me more if the color palette was different.  This combination feels a bit too stark, even for me!! 🙂 Maybe a bit nautical/yacht club or something of the like…. not what I was going for.

I also had issues with the quilting lines, as I talked about here.  I had to just chalk it up to an experiment!!

In the end, I realize, I liked it enough to bind it and call it done.  It ended up being about a 6o” square quilt which I will likely use as a wall hanging in our guest room.

It definitely feels good to put this one behind me.  I know my quilting future holds many more quilting “experiments” but I have learned the importance of thinking things out a bit more before starting quilt projects.  That concept is not always easy for me…. inspiration breeds major impulsivity!!!  I think that can be a good thing when it comes to creating but like anything in life  it’s about finding the balance.   But that’s just my take on it….. today!!