I’m so excited to be sharing a new finished quilt with you today!!!

Those of you who have popped in from Amy Ellis’  Blogger’s Quilt Festival, welcome!!! Can you believe how many talented quilters there are out there?  What a great gathering of creativity.   A huge thank you to Amy and all the great sponsors!   What a wonderful way to help build connections within our expanding quilt community.

Fall 2011 - Bloggers' Quilt Festival!

Anyway, on to the quilt…… after a marathon quilting weekend,(I’ve had a lot of those lately, thanks to my awesome hubby who entertains the kiddos) I finished my latest quilt!!

This quilt, which I’ve entitled “Fact or Fiction” is my first all solids quilt!

I’m really happy with the results.

So what do indian corn, a lovely print fabric and a kona color card have to do with each other, you ask?  Put them together and you have the inspiration for this quilt!!

What a gloriously perfect fall day we had when I happened to finish it!  (yes that’s a dirty dog paw print you see on the bottom of my brand new quilt-ugh!)

So, back to my story. During my recent and wonderful weekend in Utah at the Sewing Summit, I was gifted this card–Halalujah!!! I had been too cheap to buy one of these for so long and here it was now in my lap!!!! Wow, thank you Sewing Summit and Robert Kaufman Fabrics!! (I really was more excited than I look in this photo) Suddenly the possibilities seemed endless.

Earlier that day my lovely sewing sisters Jennifer and Irelle and I had visited the local quilt shop, all decorated in it’s very sweet fall attire.  There I picked up a FQ of  that lovely Juicy Blossoms print you see in the earlier photo.

Those things, combined with all the baby pumpkins and indian corn so copiously displayed everywhere I went, equaled much inspiration for me.

Whether I knew it consciously or not, I had the makings of my next quilt.  I got right to work putting the colors together on the design wall! It came together pretty fast.  I love improv piecing, it’s what I’m most comfortable with and love most about quilting.  The hard part for me was the “weaving” and straight cuts that had to match up just so.  I was amazed however at how much I’ve learned over the past year that made that part,  pretty easy~~ pleasant surprise!!

Even though it’s a mostly improv piece, there was still lots of measuring and figuring the negative space; a challenge I actually enjoy more than I thought I ever would.

For the quilting on this one, I knew I need a clear idea BEFORE I began quilting in order to avoid the fiasco that ensued weeks earlier  with a similar design.   I wanted to echo the lines of the piecing and make the quilting feel organic with lots of movement and flow.

I kept thinking….. corn fields or wheat fields, gently blowing in the breeze out on some beautiful sunny prairie somewhere in middle America.  Since my intention for this all along has been to use it as a large wall hanging, I wanted the lines to be dense, in order to help it lay flat and give it a real presence.

Here we decided to see how it looks turned upside down.  I suppose there is no right or wrong way, except to me.  My hubby sure wasn’t sure and thought it worked either way.

I think I like it best the way I originally envisioned it….. but it’s nice to know it has options!!

Thanks for sitting with me and my quilt for a bit. I hope you’re enjoying your tour around the BQF.  I think you must be a devoted but weary festival goer by now if you’ve gotten to my quilt-Ha!  Better late than not at all right?!