The birthday quilt that I talked stressed about here and here, was officially finished on the weekend of Miss N’s birthday!  To say I was determined would be putting it mildly.

 After the closest thing to an all-nighter I’ve pulled in a long time and an entire Sunday morning dedicated to quilting/binding, it was a done deal. I was able to present it to her.

After she had seen the entire process, the “big unveiling” I admit, was rather anticlimactic. “Here’s your special birthday quilt Sweetie” –short pause, into- “Mamma, look what I can do.”  She then proceeds to show me her new “trick” of jumping off the couch.  I guess all nighters and months of work and pondering don’t really mean a lot to a three year old**long, deep, sigh**.

Ha, it’s all good!!  I love the quilt and I know she will grow to appreciate it in time.

I’m getting pretty good with my embroidery unit on my Bernina and was able to piece in a nice label for the back.

  These outside photos turned out a bit yellow–hhhmm??   Anyway, this quilt was really fun to create…..

and the best part is that she can now start enjoying it.   This is her first post-nap snuggle with it, and her big sis (along with my “What’s for Breakfast” quilt on the back of the couch.

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