You know how fun and exciting it is to finish a quilt top?  Especially when it’s been on your wall or floor for a while. You know, when you press that last seam and you’re done; great feeling, right?

 Well usually, until you look at it and realize you sewed an entire section together–incorrectly!!!!!

It took me a while to realize it.  At first, I actually kind of loved it.

I mean it looks very close to my original idea.  Here above is the computer drawing of this idea(i-Pod picture).  But I kept looking at it and hating that heavy dark teal horizontal line.  Did I draw it like that?  Well, yes…..

But then it became this on the design wall.  Intuitively, I felt I had to “weave” that darker vertical blue over the broad horizontal. Maybe a small, insignificant detail, but glaringly obvious to me.  So realizing my mistake was quite a bummer.  Did it matter enough to change it?  or would I just not worry about it and leave it as it was.  GGGrrrrr- I hate it when I know that the right thing to do is something I really don’t want to do!

How to go about this with the least about of seam ripping??? Hmmmm??  I just had to dive in and do it before I changed my mind.

So although not thrilled with the results, the mistake was fixed.  Like we always say in knitting “it’ll block out”, to this I say, “it’ll quilt out”.

Here it is all pressed.

I feel so much better about it and I’m so glad I put in the extra effort to fix it. Sometimes even those small details can make a big difference.  Have you ever had a quilt with a mistake you just couldn’t overlook?  Did you choose to fix it or leave it? I’ve had a few of those lately, here’s one, that I chose to leave alone and am thrilled with it now.

The back is nearing completion too, just have to fill in all the white.  Then it’s on to quilting line decisions .  I have some great ideas so far for possibilites,  but suggestions are always appreciated.