There is a battle being waged here on the blooming poppies home front; between my running shoes and my sewing machine! Ha, sew or run?  Indeed running must win for now anyway.   Yes it’s official, I’m committing myself to the local Half Marathon that takes place in November.

I bought new running shoes and everything, in hopes of a bit more motivation.  Of course I do realize that pretty shoes, do not the runner make.  You see, I am NOT a runner!!!  Am I crazy?  November comes up pretty fast.  The only form of consistent exercise I’ve had in the last few years, is moving my rotary cutter down the length of my cutting mat.  Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but  I do find it really hard to get OUT of the house when I have my machine is IN the house.  I’m sure many of you can relate right?  Anyway, I figure the projects can wait and I need to pursue this sudden inclination to run.  I’m both excited and scared!!  Good things……

ALSO this week……

Our butterfly was born!!!!   And we have another one coming!  No technically speaking they are not “ours”.  We have taken a keen liking to them and thus like to call them ours….

I’ll be adding a photo of these to my “flight” board on pinterest which you can find here.  Yes I have a weakness for things that fly.   I also have a ridiculous amount of other boards; in need of some consolidating.  What a great resource for inspiration and fun this has been for me…. ahhhemm, uh otherwise known as a huge waste of time.  Let’s just call it a guilty pleasure!!

Happy Labor Day!!!  Thanks for visiting.