Well my circle baby quilt experiment is complete!  And, I’ve finally broken my streak of teal, white and red in my quilts.  Although you’ll notice I still couldn’t resist throwing in one little pop of red.

I love the way the circles look on the linen.

But I wasn’t prepared for them to get all puffy after the wash and dry….  it’s not totally ruining it for me, but it’s kind of a disappointing detail.

 For this quilt I chose to adhere the circles, with the iron on interfacing, then FMQ the linen around the circles.

Then I  zig-zag stitched with the walking foot around each circle.

This proved to be quite a challenge on my little 640 model Bernina.  But with a little patience and a lot of muscle,I was able to pull it off…. with a little help from an awesome sunset which happened along at just the right time.  Thank you mamma nature!  Aaaahhhhh……

So when each circle was finished, not only was I quite relieved, I was super happy with the results.

 I loved the way it looked on the back too.  Over all I was loving this quilt and so happy that my idea to turn this idea into a quilt by just tweaking a few things, was working!!!

Then I put my new creation in for a good wash and dry.  Usually I love the way it crinkles up and has that “quilty” just washed goodness.

This time, I’m not so sure it’s working in my favor.  I don’t know if I should just leave the circles as is- puffy and cloud like (am I reaching or what?), or if I should try quilting them down in some clever way to make for a cleaner look.  I mean it is a baby quilt after all right?  Maybe she’ll really like that “airy” quality??!!

At least the linen turned out to be super soft and cozy; something I wasn’t sure about at first.

In the end, I’m glad I tried this from start to finish.  I learned some new techniques, how I might do them differently if there is a next time and that it’s fun using girly, floral prints!  Even though I’m not totally cured of my addiction to teal, red and white.

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