Butterflies fascinate me!!!

The girls and I returned from a few days away to find that our caterpillers had been quite busy.

I have been trying for a good three years now to witness the metomorphosis without having to buy one of those butterfly house thingies. I thought for sure we could see this everyday miracle happen in nature, with just a little help from our local nursery.

So we bought the  milkweed and as always, the butterflies came, the caterpillars hatched, and ate, and ate, and ate!!!  I can’t seem to keep enough milkweed in the yard for these voracious little creatures.  But alas, one lonely, very chubby caterpillar remained- I don’t know where they disappear to- and we came home to find him suspended from his chosen leaf, ready to wrap himself up.

Fascinating to watch.  Next time I’ll have to set up my tripod out there.  I’m so intrigued!

The next morning when I checked on this little guy, he was already wrapped up in the most beautiful and mysterious shimmery green coating.  A miraculous yet common occurence!! Yes I’ve seen it dozens of times in my lifetime; at the museum, in a classroom setting,  but this time it was in my own backyard!  And now what?  This caterpillar is doing what it’s born to do, change into what an entirely different being….. who’s really still the same being.  That’s really intriguing isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me that finds that so fascinating; now that I think about it, it is me, not my young daughters, running out to check the status every morning.  Ha!! whatever…

 Anyway, the wait begins…we check on him daily and observe any changes.  I’ll have my camera ready for his big debut!!  Aaaahhhhh, the simple things……..

In other news, I have made some progress on my yet un-named but rather nautical (not intentional) looking quilt that is currently taking up space on my design wall.

I’m kind of digging it so far. I think the colors make it look sort of flag-like to me; uh not sure about that aspect of it,  but I do like the design.  I think this will have to be my last quilt with this color combo.  It’s this weird obsession I’ve had lately that I feel is nearing it’s end!

These ultra straight lines have been quite challenging for me but I love that I’m practicing a new quilting/sewing skill.

This type of quilt seems to demand a real shift in my creative process that I kind of like.  Just like I use both hands depending on my everyday task, I use both sides of my brain for different creative tasks.

This is a very measured and calculated design, much different from most of my quilts.  But I love how it still feels very intuitive and creative.

I wonder if it’s a bit like that for  caterpillers.  Their process too, is predictable and measured yet intuitive; one that leads them to start with one thing and end with something completely different and beautiful.  I like to think that that is what we quilters and in fact all creative types are doing as well.