I came across this great blog the other day and found this really cute tutorial for a table runner with appliqued circles.  I have never done anything with circles but have seen lots of methods of doing them.  For some reason this one had me curious……

I decided to just go for it and give the circles a try.  Then it sort of morphed into this great idea-I think- to make a baby quilt out of them.  Not sure how/if they are going to make for a good baby quilt or not- fingers crossed!!

So I picked some fabric I liked and got on the “circle bus”.  The fabric on the left was given to me by the friend I’ll be giving the quilt to.  She and her lovely family recently became foster parents to a beautiful baby girl.  I’m happy to be able to include this fabric that I know she really likes and let it be my color inspiration for the rest of the quilt.

It was fun making these little circles.

That turned into little “frisbees” as my daughter called them.

I’m still just playing with placement of the circles and I may need to add or take away some,  but I really like how they look against the linen.  I’m just not sure about how linen will work for a baby quilt.  This is definitely an experiment.

Have you ever used so much linen in a baby quilt?  Was is cuddly enough?  Well if it ends up being too “linen-y”, I think my daughters will love it.  The “frisbee” quilt!!  I think I’ll ponder this experiment for a bit and in the meantime I’ll work on this back up project.  I have this sweet little knitted tank dress I’m working on.

It’s my first time knitting this pattern.

 I figure it’s time to start expanding my knitting skills…. so far, so good.

Have a great day!!!!