I am so excited to have finally gotten my little camera back from the shop.  That was a long wait,  but the camera seems good as new!!

Here is a quick little update on what’s happening in “blooming poppy land”.

I have begun  the initial cutting and layout of my new design and am mulling over colors for a day or two before I start sewing anything together.

So far I love the design but am not completely sold on a couple of the blue shades. (One of the iPhone pics)

I am a little hesitant to start sewing and constructing as I’ve never designed a quilt this way before, at least not successfully.  I am  beginning with a concept that I drew up on the my primitive little program, and am going to attempt to stay on task!   We’ll see if my finished quilt even remotely resembles this.  (iPhone photo)

Anyway, the other project, is this lovely memo/organization board from Joel Dewberry’s Sewn Spaces.    With all three girls starting back to school in a month or so, I’ve been feeling the need for a bit lot more organization in my life.

I’ve had the board and staple gun ready for this very fun looking crafty type project for a while.  Well it’s finally that time!!  I’m not exactly sure how I’ll utilize it but it’s so pretty.  Sadly it may take more than a pretty board to get me organized, but I can dream right?:-)

I’m happy to finally use this line of Sandi Henderson’s that I’ve been loving/hoarding for a long time too.  I’m hoping to have this little board done by this weekend.

I also pulled some fabric, some of my favorites from this shop,  for a couple of dresses I’ve been promising the “big” girls for weeks now.

new school dressnew school dress

I would love to send them to school in all things handmade, but alas, I must live in reality!!  They may get one or two new dresses for the new school year–no promises, but I’ll try!!

Lastly for today, a sneak peek-full post soon-,  at my finished “what’s for breakfast?” quilt!!  I think it’s my second favorite so far, this one being the first favorite, of my very small collection so far.

sneak peek

I really love how this turned out.

sneak peek

and yes, I’m officially hooked on machine binding!

machine binding

hope you’re finding some sewing time too,  as scattered as it may be….. it’s all good