NOTE TO VISITORS:  Beware,  poor quality photos ahead!!  My camera is STILL in the shop, due back Friday *fingers crossed*!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone, but not for this purpose……

Alissa Haight Carlton is one busy gal.  I was so excited to find a new project possibility today in the form of a Block of the Month. You too can join in here.  I have been sort of looking for some guidance and a little quilty hand-holding, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to just follow someones else’s direction and see what comes of it.

I’m thinking ahead to fall since that is how long it will take me if I start now, might actually be NEXT fall, Ha, oh well.  The color palette I’ve had in mind for a while is something along these lines,

with or without the gold- still pondering that choice….and I’m also looking at a different shade of brown.

I was first considering these colors for this layout that I “drew up”, but I’m not sure I’m feeling ready to dive into another of my rabbit hole designs.  No the number “6” is not part of the design!

They always seem to look good (to me) on paper, then end up morphing into something completely different.  While sometimes I love the end result, I’m not feeling particularly risky today.  That may change however.  Perhaps I’ll end up doing both.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what Alissa will come up with each month and love that she has made modern quilting so accessible to even the beginning quilter.  Even if I do just end up doing my own thing, I’ll be so interested to follow this BOM party on the Flickr group they’ve set up.

Anyone else joining this party?