NOTE TO VISITORS:  my camera is in the shop 😦 until who knows when.  the following photos, were taken with my iPhone!!  The quality is not great but it works in a pinch.

A few months back I volunteered to baste and quilt a charity quilt that our guild members created last year.  Two of our members came up with a block challenge- come up with a 12.5 inch block with a star theme.  We had so many blocks, we were able to turn them into two pretty good size lap quilts; thanks to our amazing Irelle!!!  Now we are deciding where they will be most needed and loved.

I was thrilled to be able to contribute to this project and get some free motion quilting practice.

As I was basting and quilting this I kept marveling at all the precision and really top notch piecing that went into each block.

Excuse the pins still in there, I was trying to get a shot before the light went away.

And here they are all together.

Now to find a good home for this quilt.  Thanks members, you are all so talented!! And of course, special thanks to Irelle, our prolific and energized quilt top sewer , and hopefully binder on this quilt.  Great job!

BTW- my block ended up in the other quilt top- in case you were wondering.