This long weekend,  I was finally able to call my daughter’s birthday quilt DONE!  Which is a long overdue relief since her birthday was in aahhhem– April!!!

I think the reason I hesitated so much on this quilt is because after I finished quilting it, I just wasn’t feeling the love for it as much.  Way back in January when I had it up on the design wall, I really was having fun with it.  I had gathered all the cherry themed fabric I could find for about 6 months or so, per A’s request.  She loves cherries and the color red.  With her in mind, I started building, REALLY fun, random, wonky, playful (all of A’s best attributes) blocks.

And put them together on the wall.  So far, I was loving it!

Would I give it as a gift to just anyone? NO.  Is it my personal color scheme choice? NO, Do I think it’s the prettiest combination of fabric? NO.  Will A love it?  Most definitely!!!  After all we’re talking about the girl who wears, polka dots with plaid, all the colors of the rainbow– at the same time, etc.  She’s always been drawn to bright and playful!!

I think where I went wrong, was going against my intuition on quilting color.  I asked my 4 year old what color she wanted, and since it was her quilt, when she said “red” I cringed internally, then decided to go with it.  Against my better judgement, in my opinion.  I would loved to have uses white or a nice very light pink or green or yellow, basically anything BUT red.  Ha!  

Anyway, it was done and too late to change it so…..I got to the binding stage and then found myself finding any possible reason to put it off.  Guilt finally took over, and of course my daughter’s continuous question “mamma, where is my quilt?”.    So I decided it was time to get busy this weekend and finish the binding so I could put the whole project behind me.

Here is the back by the way.  Just a simple pieced back using up some leftovers.  The lighting was a little weird on this one, but you get the idea.  In the end I suppose if A likes it, that’s all that matters!