So this last week of school has been….. well insanely busy, would be putting it way too mildly!  But alas, we have all made it to the last day of school for this year.  Aaahhhh, big sigh of relief!! I’m done now, right?  ready for a bit of a break from thinking about anything to do with school.   But look what showed up on my doorstep today…

What’s a sewing mom to do? It’s got to be some sort of a sign right?

  I have learned from past experience that things have a sneaky way of creeping up on me.  So how great would it be to actually get something done early?  This fabric that I received from one of my favorite shops, superbuzzy,  is so darn cute I can hardly stand it.

So some new school dresses have definitely been added to my already very long “to-do” list.  I may even have to make some matching tote bags, lunch napkins, head scarves, etc.

I think first and foremost on my list however, will be getting to the camera shop to get my sad little camera fixed.  Sorry for these not so great shots of this fabulous fabric. It doesn’t nearly do it justice, but  I loved it so much, I couldn’t wait to share it.

Well, let’s face it, my summer will be super busy anyway, I may as well include some fun sewing projects that I enjoy, along with the occasional beach picnic of course.  Which reminds me, I better also get started on that new summer picnic quilt now that it’s uumm, June. You see what I mean about things creeping up on me.  

Happy summer sewing to all…….