"wish come true" quilt

After many, many months of  planning, thinking, envisioning, and piecing, but never getting any further,  I finally realized the baby that I was making this quilt for would be in kindergarten before I actually finished his quilt.  So after finding some other lovely gift for baby Brayden, I decided this would instead become my first “for sale” quilt in my newly opened Etsy shop.

“wish come true” quilt binding

Once I decided I was ready to get this one finished, my marathon sewing weekend was underway!!  Thanks to my dear hubby who entertained our three girls all day on Sunday, I was able to make, pin and sew the binding.  Whew!!

“wish come true” binding

I had been wanting to try machine binding for a while.  So I decided this was the one.  The first quilt that wasn’t going to a close friend or family member and that I intend to sell had better be strong and sturdy, right?  I’m not sure if it’s really any better or stronger, but it sure is faster.I

“wish come true” quilt machine binding”wish come true” quilt machine binding

And I love it.  Yes I will still do my share of hand binding but it was fun to learn a new way of doing something.

Making this quilt was fun but completing it was even more fun!  I always love that sense of accomplishment when a quilt is done.  My wish to finally feel confident enough in my work to be able to put it out there as a quilt worthy of paying money for,  was huge for me.   Even though friends and family have been encouraging me to sell my quilts for a while now,  I just wasn’t ready.  This quilt is, for me,  both the culmination and the beginning of a wish come true.