This was a color combination I was really into a while back and started having some fun with.

This is a REALLY bad picture of the result of continuing with this idea and color combo. I wasn’t sure where to go with these, but knew they were not going to become a quilt.  They went into the “pondering pile”.  A place where many projects go and are never seen or heard from again…

You know how an idea hits you like lightening and you just “get it”?  Well that recently happened with these pieces.  I just had to get them out again and see what i could do.  I added some more white sashing and started quilting.  The pieces were so random that I decided first on random quilt lines.

I hated it at first and realized the only way to save it was to fill it in with 1/4 inch lines throughout.  Needless to say, that is still a work in progress.  This piece feels so chaotic that the other two felt like they needed some organization.

So this is what came from that……..  I really like it!

Here is the third and final piece.  My favorite I think.

One of them is bound and waiting for the hanging sleeve and the rest are right behind.  I’m not in love with this binding and am in search of a better method; a less visible one.  Anyone know of one?  This is new to me.

I’m excited to see them finished and hung.